Copiers’N’more was established to provide businesses with an opportunity to own their own quality office photocopier at an affordable price. Copiers’N’more has a team of experienced technicians that ensure all machines are methodically checked, serviced and ready to meet all your business needs.

Most of the photocopiers sold by Copiers’N’more are ex-lease from large government agencies and companies. Copiers’N’more have been providing quality photocopiers to businesses large and small throughout Australia with many happy customers satisfied with their new photocopier.


Copiers’N’more was first established when its founder was initially establishing his engineering company and required a multifunction photocopier that could meet the rigorous demands of printing accurate plans and large contract documents.

He called around to some of the well-known Printer and photocopier manufacturers to get lease prices to compare and find the best deal. After calling around and comparing prices, the best offer he found was a low range photocopier starting from $170/month + GST and on top of this you had to pay for every page printed! So leasing a machine was out of the question.

He then enquired about purchasing a new machine, the machines started from $10,000 and this was too far out of the budget. The other option was to purchase a laser printer but that in itself was going to be costly in the long run with the constant purchase of toners. Also a printer was not going to provide all the functions or meet the business needs required. So the best option was to purchase an ex-lease printer at an affordable price but where from?......................


First and foremost we are the cheapest out there, so the money you save can be spent on other business expenses. We stock most of the major Photocopier brands including Toshiba, Konica Minolta, Xerox, Ricoh, Lanier and Lexmark.

We also sell toners at unbeatable prices…ASK US.

We can arrange delivery to anywhere in Australia at reasonable prices. We can also arrange for an experienced technician to come out and setup the photocopier/s to your network including setting up scanning to and printing directly from your computer.

We provide FREE UNLIMITED over the phone technical support to ensure you have peace of mind. When we can’t solve the issue over the phone, we can send out an experienced technician at an affordable price. All photocopiers are thoroughly cleaned internally and externally and are rigorously tested to ensure compliance with Copiers’N’more high standard of quality control.
Our technicians calibrate the machines and update the firmware to the latest version.

Our technicians also ensure the machine is close to the condition you would receive it when new.

Check out the testimonials received from our genuinely satisfied customers.

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